Emergency Ceiling Repairs

Emergency Ceiling Repairs Perth

We understand that ceiling repairs can’t always be planned in advance, and sometimes an incident may occur that requires immediate attention. Which is exactly why our ceiling contractors are available for emergency ceiling repairs throughout Perth, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you require immediate assistance, call Modus Ceilings on 1300 136 384 and request one of our expert ceiling contractors for an emergency repair. We have an expert team of experienced and qualified ceiling contractors located across the Perth Metropolitan area, that can attend to emergency jobs quickly and efficiently.

To ensure that we can be there when you need us most, we have an extended service area; with our emergency ceiling repairs service stretching beyond the Perth metro. To view our service area map and determine whether our ceiling contractors can attend to your Perth regional property, please click here.

Emergencey Ceiling Problems We Can Repair

Our ceiling contractors have mended thousands of ceilings across Perth and are extremely experienced at performing emergency ceiling repairs, examples of common repairs we fix include;

  • Roof leaks – when there is a leak in a roof, a lot of internal damage can be caused, as leaks are not usually detected immediately and often only prevail as a result of a large storm. To prevent any further damage from occurring, Modus can not only repair the roof leak but also ensure that the ceiling is temporarily stable and safe, whilst we provide a quote for a permanent ceiling fix.
  • Sagging ceilings – unfortunately, sagging ceilings are inevitable and thanks to gravity, will require maintenance at some point of their life cycle. If sagging is not caught in its early stages, the ceiling can fall down completely. In emergency cases like this or to prevent the ceiling from reaching this stage, Modus will attend to this timely situation by using acrow props to lift and stablise the ceiling, making it temporarily safe whilst we schedule a time to fix the ceiling permanently.
  • Fallen ceilings – in the unfortunate circumstance that your ceiling completely falls down, one of our ceiling contractors will safely clean up the mess and provide a quote for a new ceiling at your Perth property.

How Much Will A Modus Emergency Ceiling Repair Cost?

If you need immediate assistance to make safe a collapsing ceiling we can attend for $360.00 and this includes minor works required to stabilize the situation and ensure temporary safety. We will then provide a quote on the work required to fix the ceiling permanently. Depending on the cause of the issues the costs can often be covered by insurance.

Need emergency ceiling repairs? Don’t stress, call Modus today on 1300 136 384 and one of our ceiling contractors will be at your Perth property ASAP to diffuse the situation.

See some of our Emergency Work in the gallery below!