Ceiling re-strapped & repaired

We found this old Plasterglass ceiling severely sagging and on the verge of a complete cave-in! The owners had opted for a repair rather than a replacement, and stipulated they wished to keep the original ornate cornice, which we knew would provide our team a challenge. We divided the repair into several stages, each conducted by our professional team to ensure there would be no issues or dangers through the process. First, we propped up the ceiling and re-strapped the Plasterglass to the ceiling joists in the roof space. Our team then flushed the cracked areas and repainted the repaired areas to reflect the tone of the traditional ceiling. The finish on a repair job like this can simply never be perfect, however with care, finesse, and skill the result can still be first class. By saving their traditional cornices and a fair chunk of change, the owners were particularly happy with the result and service of the best sagging ceiling repair team in Perth. Get in contact with Modus Ceilings call 1300 136 384 today!